Everyone knows the story, so it won’t need much explaining. Give them a hand mirror, make it as big & elaborate, or as small and simple as you choose. Attach a note with it saying, “Who is the fairest in the land? That would be you babe.”

Hang a small mirror next to your loved one’s bed so they can see it and remember this sentiment each time. They make very light ones that can be found at dollar stores which can attach to bed rails, just make sure it’s not one that’s being raised up and down regularly or where it can be knocked off and broke through the recipients movements.

Either way, let them know that you hope they remember that’s how you feel every time they pass any mirror. NOTE: Be sensitive with this one when sending it to someone who may struggle to look in the mirror due to body image. The goal here is to send them a message that to you, they’re beautiful. If they reject that message, don’t push their emotional buttons, but quietly reassure them, that you have the right to be attracted to someone according to what pleases YOUR eyes. Then don’t push. Sometimes a person just has to sit with that thought on their own.