My dad used to yell to us kids EVERY evening as he did the newspaper crossword puzzle, “Hey you guys, what’s a five letter word for HOT?” And we’d all answer back from whatever room we were in, “MOLLY!” (Our mom’s name.) And he’d say DARN STRAIGHT! Her smile etched itself into my memory, the same way his doing this without fail, did.

How will you leave your mark today on your partner’s heart? Ask yourself that as a daily question. Purpose yourself to not miss a single day if at all possible. Think of your actions as a life sustaining medication or piece of medical equipment that they simply can’t function without.

  • Be deliberate about speaking a kind word of reassurance.

  • Make eye contact with them as you make them stop long enough to hear you say, “You are my favorite.” OR, “I love you.” OR, “Hubba hubba ding ding, baby you’ve got everything.”

  • Take their hand and squeeze it 4 quick times making it a signal to secretly say, “You matter to me.”

  • Blow them a kiss. Do it in a phone video, or facetime one.

  • Que up YOUR song so it starts whenever you begin a daily scheduled therapy, med time, bathing, bath-rooming assist or bandage/stoma care exchange.