Love someone who’s going to have a stay of more than 24-48 hours in a hospital? Throw a long piece of butcher paper up on a wall for them (you can use poster board squares if that’s easier). At the top, write, “DEAR DOCTORS AND NURSES, HERE’S WHY THIS PERSON IS SPECIAL AND YOU NEED TO TAKE EXTRA GOOD CARE OF THEM…”Then let visitors write out what makes the patient mean something to them. Leave felt pens and encourage everyone to drop by and leave a message. Draw, doodle and GRAFFITI a get-well card!

Even if the person is asleep, it allows visitors show they stopped by. For those who might not be alert enough for visits for some time, this is a great way to document all the love that followed them from the beginning. For spouses and partners, it’s a nice way to keep sharing your heart and a memory or two in a way that doesn’t require trying to voice everything out loud. And for the hard of hearing, it’s a great way to allow some love to flow that allows everyone to communicate no matter what their signing abilities.

Of course, this can easily run both ways. If your partner puts one up for you as the patient, you’re just as free to ask for half of the poster to be used for THEM. Have someone write similar wording as directed above: “DEAR DOCTORS & NURSES, MY WIFE/HUSBAND/PARTNER/FIANCE (ETC) IS VERY SPECIAL, WHILE I’M HERE GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION PLEASE TAKE EXTRA GREAT CARE OF THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE…”

Lovers, feel free to get romantic and mushy. Keep it clean so the staff won’t feel the need to avert their eyes, but making your partner blush isn’t totally off limits.