Yes. We mean it. Its free. There’s no having to travel which will save on physical energy and time. You can be spontaneous. Set the mood with whatever tunes you want, at whatever decibel feels right. Haul out as many pillows and blankets as you can, it’ll only take minutes to overhaul the atmosphere. Try spritzing a small amount of perfume in the interior. Invest in a couple electric candles if you plan on doing it at night. Take advantage of reclining seat positioning for those who might find that extra physical leverage a benefit.

Don’t want Looky-Loos? Take the opportunity ahead of time, to create some cardboard cut outs for your windows. Especially if this is a great escape place for you two in the long term. Keep them under the bed or couch if the trunk isn’t a good option, some place you can reach for them when the mood strikes for this get away. You can make it a date time just cutting them out in preparation. Or make a cool unexpected gift for your special someone sure to bring a smile and chuckle. Store bought summer sun shades are also an available resource.

EXTRA POINTS: If you own a garage, you can even get naked without being arrested. Just remember no running the car in the garage with the garage doors down due to exhaust.