Every so often, spontaneously toast your partner. If it’s out with family or friends, all the better. In the midst of your hospital or therapy staff, out of the blue ask for some water (or if they’re hanging an IV bag, next time they go to change it and your partners around, use that LOL) and say you want to propose a toast, expressing how much you love and appreciate your partner (and whatever else you feel needs to be said that’s uplifting and communicates warm feelings).

In a crowded restaurant where you know NO ONE, ask the waiter or waitress to help you however you need the help, but let the room know how much you appreciate your partner for all their compassion and support.

OR, be the lover who wants to communicate to the one who needs ongoing aid or assistance, that you think they’re brave and incredible despite the facts they’re facing and how thankful you are that YOU get to have them next to you every day. That you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maybe your partner has made it to a one week or one year anniversary and you’re PROUD of them. Even if only a couple other people clap with you, or if it’s the whole room, enjoy ENJOYING your partner.

Go ahead and draw attention to them, embarrass them a bit, it’s what you communicate that will last forever in their minds.

Obviously, this is not the idea of choice if your special someone is easily embarrassed. Skip doing it publicly, but feel free to make it happen in the quiet moment of your being one on one.