Pick a place, anyplace you agree on, and separately study that city or region. Create a day you would plan for your partner if you could take him or her there. Always plan it around his or her particular interests. See how many of the same places or activities you planned. If you can collect pictures off the Internet or travel brochures, maps, etc, all the more fun, but not necessary.

Do your best to be able to describe each place you’d visit. Tell what restaurant you’d go to and what you’d order for your partner. If it’s a nature trail, what would you see? A museum? What pieces of art would your partner particularly enjoy. A pub? What microbrew? Sports arena? Who’d be playing. Your imagination is the only limit here. This is purely a daydream adventure; no money or actual travel involved.

When taking in to consideration each partners specificis, only you can decide which details to incorporate into this activity. Will it be realistic or purely a fanciful and step outside the normal boundaries just for imaginative purposes? Don’t allow this exercise to cause either of you to feel that your real life circumstances, whether financial or medical or something else, are holding you back from taking a dream trip. It’s a game.We’ve included a basic looking map that you can use to create your own version of a city if you don’t have access to a real map. Make up your own city if you want to.

Want to step it up just for fun?  After you’ve completed this first idea, both of you plan a 2nd day which focuses on romance rather than simply on your partner’s individual interests. How would that change it up? Do you add a hotel for just an afternoon? A fancy dinner with a private musician? Is there someone in that city who is well known who you could say you’d hire for that? Would a visit to Washington DC include dinner at the White House? It’s a game, dream big!