Whether you’re away traveling, or just at work, document today in your life for your partner. For example, send ongoing texts or emails saying things like:

6 AM: Just woke up and thought of you–wish you were lying next to me. Well I better get ready for work


7 AM: I’m on the bus. It’s crowded; everyone looks like they are half dead. I miss you heaps.


8:30 AM: Have just laid out my day, it’s going to be a busy one, but not so busy I won’t be thinking about you just like right now.


9:30 AM: In the middle of a really boring meeting. I’m trying to concentrate on what the boss is saying, but I keep thinking of your incredible smile and eyes… ETC…


Leave it on their pillow at the end of your night for them to find.


Maybe it’s easier to take notes all the way until the end of your day and if you have to, just mail them a whole day of those messages. Or scan it and email it. Besides sending a clear message that you’ve been thinking about them, if will also give them an idea of how your time looks while you’re working or off doing whatever has you away from them.


For those who are housebound, this brings the world a little more to them. YOUR world. For those who are going through a season where the treatment necessitates one party being kept apart for the sake of immunity purposes,or where one partner is miles away while the other receives treatment…. This simple act of notation is to coin a phrase, a tremendously welcomed shot in the arm. An infusion.