Don’t be afraid to NETWORK; There’s a great old saying that goes, “You have not, because you ask not.” Ask about:

  • Babysitter help

  • Deals on tickets to something you can attend

  • Cabins you can access

  • Backyards worthy of a picnic surrounded by a spectacular garden

  • Find someone who owns a boat to take you out for a romantic time on some water

  • What about someone who has a hot tub

  • A two-seater bike

  • A convertible or old classic car where the owner would take you for a chauffeured drive

  • What about switching houses in your own city or one you can drive to for a weekend where no one would know where you were so you could have private time

  • Maybe you know someone with a huge flat screen TV where you could take your special someone to watch a sports game or a movie with some popcorn.

In exchange, maybe you can do some yard work in return for that TV owner stepping out for a couple hours. Cut coupons. Swap out cooking a meal and serving it to the other waitress style. Trade collecting articles about a topic their partner likes or searching for websites that match their interests in exchange for what you need.


It’s not about it being an equal or quote unquote “fair” trade — it’s about making things happen. It’s about doing something unique and creating a date and atmosphere that is different and accessible.And it’s about you trading what you’re able to, no matter what your circumstances are. There’s ALWAYS something you can offer. BARTERING IS A SMART TOOL! Use your imagination and don’t be shy about asking around. Who knows who you’ll inspire to do the same thing!