Try a date where you use your imagination more than energy or finances. Create a totally unrealistic time capsule. Instead of adding actual pictures of yourselves in your daily lives, photoshop yourself into no small number of adventures. For those with limited computer skills, just photo copy off several of your faces from hard copy pictures you already have and cut and paste them with good old fashion glue to magazine pictures. Add stories for one another of what you did on those adventures. Talk about your successes in businesses that you aren’t even remotely running, but wish you were. Talk about relationships of those you hang out with and what you do for fun and pay no mind to whether or not you have any ties to them what so ever.  Throw in pictures of your non-existent children and pets.

Walk away from your reality for a while. Maybe opt to surprise one another with a few plots you add in about the other, fantasies, etc. rather than create all of them together.

If you really want to take it all the way, totally find someplace to bury it with a future date to be open, and be sure to add a short page saying, JUST KIDDING, and tell them a little about who you are as a couple and what your day to day details really included. No need to add last names or any real identifying information.