Okay, before you write this one off as too mushy, know this, we ran it past a lot of folks, and frankly, all but one smiled and said they’d LOVE it. Buy a solid lighter color t-shirt. Cheapest ones will be at a craft store, or you can go for a fancier one if you think they’ll only wear a specific look. For those with sensitivities to tag or seams, bare that in mind. Then, using either one color or lots of varied colored permanent markers, cover the shirt with a bunch of different sized letter I’s.

Yep, just THAT one letter.

Print it all over in many different fonts or variations, but only put that one letter on it. Then add a note that says, “Can’t keep my eyes off of you.”Your special someone will wear it; we promise. OR you can make one that YOU’LL wear and fill it with those I’s, but somewhere on the shirt also write the name of your special someone. This makes it clear to him that you only have eyes for THEM. This sends a strong message to someone who may sometimes feel a little insecure.

OR >>> Fill a page or a text with the letter “I” in many different fonts and colors. At the bottom of the page type, “I only have “eyes” for you.”.Then every so often, send a single “I” as a reminder.