Its winter.

Do you have your emergency romance supplies ready in case the power goes out?

A warm cozy blanket for two? Or even better, one singlegiant sweatshirt you can BOTH stuff yourselves in to in order to share body heat.

Working flashlights and a list made up ahead of timeof how often while the lights are out that you’ll FLASH your partner? (You won’t freeze to death during seconds long exposing of your more intimate physical parts… but if it’s an issue, ignore this idea and keep those core body temperatures steady. Right? Right.)

It’ll be cold, do you have any of those warming personal lubricant gels?

Will you want to keep a deck of cards around so you can play IF IT WASN’T SO COLD Strip Poker, where the winner gets to say which piece of clothing comes off their partner and in what order, once the power DOES come back on?

Is there a specific hot/spicy candy or snack you both enjoy that can be used to remind yourselves that there’s more than one way to be keeping warm?

Do you have a hot steamy romance novel you can read to one another by candle light?

Does either partner have necessary medical equipment or anxiety support aids that will need backup batteries or other strategies planned ahead of time for these outages? As you get those in place ahead of time, consider also placing a love note laced with words of encouragement and reassurance, that you’re not only prepared, but you’re also ready to give them a hickie, hug or hand to hold while it’s all playing out. Focus them on not just surviving, but thriving, during these unexpected, but not unprepared for moments.