Images like these were accomplished by the subjects laying on the ground and a person taking the picture, standing several feet above them, or via photo shopping themselves into a pre-existing picture. It’s amazing & entertaining what can be accomplished.

For couples who are dealing with varying degrees of medical challenges, consider how fun this could be to pull off, especially for those who are extremely limited in their physical day to day lives! Let your imagination go in thinking up ideas that are personal to you.

Ask around your inner circle and find someone who’ll agree to take the pictures for you. It doesn’t have to be a professional, just someone you know who has a decent eye for keeping everything in the picture.

Obviously, there needs to be a place where not only is it comfortable to be taking these, but where there’s also room for a ladder or where the home has an upstairs landing. Make sure there’s room for moving two bodies around into any number of positions.

If it’s more conducive to your details, search engine the heck out of how to Photo Shop. Seriously. Come on, what a hoot!Plus, it’s a way to give each individual a chance to use their imagination for some fun! It doesn’t change the details of the cards you’ve been dealt, but even if for a minute, it makes your partner feel powerful or empowered, how priceless is that?