Having a cranky day? We all have them. Let’s apply a strategy used all over the world to make a dent in those moods.

On the off chance that your partner has zero problem allowing some touch, in particular, their feet, try giving them a foot massage. The goal here is to place pressure on multiple nerves found in the foot. Reflexology is the technique of manipulating reflex points that correspond to the specific organs and body parts found within the feet and hands.

There are several “pampering locations,” you can try making contact with on their feet.

OR, if you’re the one feeling cranky, maybe they’d be willing to try to activate those pampering sections on you, through foot massage.

To get started, find some lotion or oil so it makes the massage more fluid and comfortable.

Rather than just flow over the skin, actually press down, using a firm touch that’s comfortable for both of you. This does not require crazy DEEP pressure, just firm.

Massage the sole of the foot in slow circles and paying a little extra attention to these following areas:

  • The whole heel area, middle section towards the insole

  • The middle section of the upper foot

  • Everything below where the toes connect with the foot pad

  • The toes themselves