Pick a shoe box or gallon zip-style plastic bag; fill it with GLOVES.

If you’ve never added wearing gloves to your physical intimacy times, this is an idea well worth pursuing when it comes to ramping up the mood. There are many styles of gloves with varying textures. Your goal is to assist in the arousal of the genital regions. This can be especially helpful when it takes a little something more to address sufficient friction levels. Women may absolutely appreciate differing stimuli when it comes to nipple arousal as well.

As for anal or vaginal penetration, to avoid introducing anything internally that might cause an infection, use either a condom draped over one finger, or a thinner medical grade glove to place over the first glove which (this will still allow textures to assist in your exchanges depending on the texture each glove offers).

Use ample gels or oils as you apply these when appropriate for comfort sake. If the gloves can’t be cleaned well afterwards, then think of it as a onetime gift to yourselves. So worth it.

Glove types to consider:

  • Satin

  • Fingerless gloves

  • Winter gloves of varying knit patterns and thicknesses

  • Neoprene swim gloves

  • Bathing exfoliating gloves

  • Vibrating gloves

  • Welding gloves

  • Touch Screen gloves

  • Dish sink rubber kitchen gloves

  • Driving gloves

  • Fur lined cuffed

  • Work grip gloves

  • Leather

  • Suede

  • Wool