Part 2:


What if your loved one is actually facing some sort of circumstances that might make creating a bucket list together seem way too somber? Frankly, those times don’t have to be a reason to avoid this gift. Talking with them, allowing them to share their list as well as hear yours can be a real gift someday down the road when all is said and done. It’s never a bad idea to know the one you care about as through, and through, as possible. Don’t avoid listening to dreams or sharing them, even if the odds are slim to none that they can be fulfilled.

Maybe if nothing else, you’ll find a way to bring some aspect of it alive for them. Maybe your current situation curtails or limits what can or can’t be on your list. Reality is just that, reality.  But dream anyway. So ask away! Seriously, one never knows what they’ll learn from this activity. Or what adventures may lie ahead for them as they join the other in helping them cross things off the other’s bucket list!