Daily desk calendars that have quotes are a quick go to, for short messages to send your partner, that just reminds them you’re thinking about them. They’re a terrific resource on many levels, as they contain both the thoughts as well as visual/braille spelling cues, AND, they use very few words. Some may be better served by simply taking a picture of the page and forwarding that. There’s no limit to what topics they cover:

  • Texts from dogs or cats

  • Joke of the day

  • OMG facts

  • Advice from unicorns

  • You had ONE job photo captures

  • Life hacks

  • Pet rock shaming

  • Encouraging quotes

Pick up two or three different ones. They can be found after the year starts for cheap. Your local thrift store is a gold mine, especially if you don’t mind if there are a few pages missing. Hit your social media list up for friends who may have old or partial ones laying around. It doesn’t matter what year they’re from.