VALENTINES DAY is swiftly approaching. For those who are needing to stick to a tighter budget, or maybe someone who simply wants to make their gift a little more personal without it having to be TOO personal, try a twist on the box of chocolates. You don’t have to go buy a huge box, or an expensive one. Find one in your price range, even if it’s just three or four dollars. Okay, that won’t get you the best chocolate in the world, but no worries. Rather than worry about the quality of the candy, replace it with some other small treasure. Even just one will make it that much more fun to open up. Cut out comics. If they have pets, put some dog biscuits or catnip in with the candy. Each of our examples cost us under $20 per box. Obviously, you can even scale down from there. You may even have something fun around your house that’s personal to the two of you to add.

Maybe you’re trying to support a lover who’s dieting?You could write love notes and roll them up as tiny scrolls and place them around maybe one chocolate. Is your loved one restricted from eating any candy due to medical circumstances? You can fill the box with decorated medical supplies, like character Band-Aids, or bandages that you’ve written a love message one, or placed heart stickers on, even if they can’t eat candy, you’ll treat them to a smile.

Just use as much creative imagination as you can muster and just have fun.