ATTENTION: Prior to reading this idea, some of you will need to mentally prep yourself, as we’re going to suggest you go into a CRAFT STORE… Yes, yes, we know…Take a deep breath and don’t blow this one off for that reason alone…

Pick up a small bag of flat wooden circles at the local craft store and write messages on them like:

  • Good for one hug

  • Good for one massage

  • You’re my one and only

  • Free kiss

  • You’re stunning

  • Call me (555) Your-HOT

  • Missing u right now

  • You get the idea…

Then hand them to your love every so often to keep in their pockets as “Tokens of your affection.”

Can’t do the wooden tokens? Cut out circles from a card or poster board, just find some form of heavier stock than simply paper so they’ll survive longer. Can’t cut them out, or getting that heavier paper still a hang up? Just draw some circles on paper and write out your sentiments and send them that letting them know they’re tokens of affection and ask THEM to cut them out or carry with them. The message remains, they’re just simple reminders of your affection. — OR ask someone to help you secure the materials to make this happen so you can carry through with this idea.

Braille also works great on tokens of affection! If you’re using the wooden tokens, try drops of glue, the glitter glues come in smaller vials where you can control the opening a little better for smaller drops. We’ve also seen a nail used to poke holes as well. Figure out what best works for your lover.