Obviously, it’s that time of year when every store from grocery to pharmacy is stocked with a wide selection of mushy, amorous, lovey

dovey, flirtatious products. SO STOCK UP NOW!Find the little fun things, from gift bags and wrapping paper, to heart shaped cookie

cutters, cupcake liners and hand towels. Heart shaped soaps and boxer shorts, the list is long and never ending. Of course, there’s

also thelittle boxes of candy hearts with those little messages expressing fondness.


AND don’t hesitate to grab more than one Valentine’s Day card!

Who says there’s only ONE Valentine’s Day in your world?There can be asmany as you decide. Pick up cards while you can, and hold them back forother times of the year. Once they go on sale THE NEXT DAY… and odds are ONLY for the next day February 15th, it’s a great chance to get them on the cheap.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE HOMEBOUND? Why not pick up come cards for them to give to their partner? Or drop some off at your local VA Center, Mental Health Clinics, rehabs, or homeless shelters? Pass some along to people who volunteer with inmates. Spread the love.