For those with partners who often find themselves a little more isolated, take the time to track down people in their world, and get a calendared time set in place for them to reach out to your loved one with a phone call or Facetime chat. Create a list of friends, family, community members, neighbors, past neighbors, or others where contacts been lost to life moving forward, and reach out to them asking for them to commit to a few minutes of catch up time.

Suggest times when you know the odds of them being available and up for those calls to come in might work best.

Even if your partner isn’t capable of participating in actual verbal conversation due to any number of physical reasons, don’t overlook this idea. Get those calls rolling in whether on phone or Facetime. It may take some leg work, but the benefits are huge. Same to be said for those whose partners are more recluse due to trauma or past victimizations as the root cause. Social isolation no matter what the cause comes at such a cost. Finding a way to enlarge their relational world will bring rewards in your personal one with them as well.

This isn’t an idea meant to reconnect those who’ve stopped talking for personal reasons. Remember, the goal is just to brighten your lover’s day.