Hanging out in bed for whatever reason doesn’t negate being able to create some awesome date night memories. Here’s three from our list of several. Want to see more? Just hit the link: https://zarzand.com/dates-with-a-difference/stay-in-bed-dates/

  • Draw and Reveal. Grab a pencil, or charcoal, and a notepad. Have fun drawing each other and revealing your results.

  • Host a Twitter party! Let a small handful of people in your world know you’ll be setting aside a half-hour or so to share Tweets with them that focus solely on encouraging one another’s relationships. Tell them to “come to the event,” ready to share an idea for fun that two lovers can use to strengthen their bonds. Choose an entirely different theme-based one if you’d rather. Date night ideas, best-kept secrets of how to lighten up your partner’s moods, jokes that made you belly laugh the first time you heard them, etc…People can join in from all over, and you’ll start hearing from others who weren’t invited, as well. What a way to enlarge your list of ideas!

  • Bring them a ZOO. If they’re animal friendly, both mentally and medically, have some friends swing by their pets one at a time for some hands-on or eyes-on, warm and fuzzy interaction. Get creative as best possible. Use your chain of friends to reach out further than your own personal reach, if possible. Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, are all good go-tos, but also think along the lines of farm animals, chicks, ducklings, pigmy goats, lambs, piglets, (foals and calves are kinda big, but maybe mini horses?). Lizards, snakes (shudder), turtles, and birds are other potential options. Resist fish as traveling is hard on the little fellas. It’s novel, and just for smiles. Even if only a couple animals show up, it’s a nice way to brighten a day.