IN GRANDMOTHER’S ATTIC: A memory game where each player would name an object they imagined could be found in the attic, and the next player has to repeat that item, while making up an additional one to add to the list. This goes back and forth, with each player repeating everything that’s been listed, until one of the players loses track of something in the order as they repeat it all back. There are numerous similar versions just titled differently.


ZARZAND’s version is a little steamier, as well as potentially eye opening. It can be a game changer in the bedroom if you opt to use it to introduce ideas to your partner you’d like to see come into play. The repetition is useful for those needing any level of memory support. And the details are a useful assist to benefit or stimulate, our partner’s imaginations.


Our game is titled: IN OUR SECRET DRAWER. As a couple, each of your jobs are to name something you would put in the secret drawer only to be brought out when you’re about to enter into foreplay. Each item your partner suggests needs to not only be named, but also have a short piece of information added (that ALSO must be remembered and repeated) as to how that object will be used in the foreplay mode. Examples:




  • A feather for tickling and caressing your nipples with.

  • A file of erotica stories to read out loud to one another in our best sexy voices.

  • Disposable ice/cold packs to make your penis head cold so I can then warm it with oral stimulation.

  • Edible underwear.

  • Sexually themed board games to broaden & arouse our imaginations.

  • A journal where we can write out our personal fantasies.

  • A blind fold you’ll have to wear so you can’t see where I’m about to fondle next.

  • Different flavored ice cream sauces for rubbing on places we also want sucked on.

  • Fuzzy hand cuffs for a little light bondage play.

  • “Mystery” adult intimacy aids/novelties we’ve wrapped secretly up and placed in the drawer.

  • Different music playlists we rotate using where each list has varying beats we have to match movement wise as we touch each other.

  • Multiple differing textured gloves for stimulating both of our private parts.

  • Scented oils for massage.

  • Warming or flavored lubricants.