Watch the movie HOOK (Robin Williams & Julia Roberts), it’s fun and humorous. Then give each other a marble to carry in your pockets as a reminder that you’re each-other’s happy thought (You have to watch the movie to understand that line). If you can’t send marbles, draw them even a simple circle every so often. Text the letter “o” as a fun reminder of their being your happy thought. Leave “o’s” everywhere. Start a marble collection for fun and increase the happy thought concept whenever they do something extra special that has stood out to you or meant something special by handing them another marble. You can find novel or unique ones for cheap on Ebay as well as in jars at the local Goodwill.

This idea is a simple but effective way to chip away at the gloom that can settle in on our loved ones. It’s not a cure, but it’s also not an additional med. It’s a gesture, and those small, uncomplicated actions can make a very real difference.