Start a list of short bits and pieces of personal information or facts about yourself that just maybe, your other half might not know about. Keep it with you under the title: INCASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW, and add facts to it as you go about your day.

Ideas to use might be:

I fell in love with this food/drink/treat _______  one day while I was ________

My favorite thing I ever did outside was________

I really enjoy watching people _______

My favorite line of any movie ever is _______

The most random thing I have a total fascination with is ________

I can’t resist singing the song ________ whenever it comes on

If I could become a millionaire just doing ________, I’d totally make that my full time profession

If I was allowed to go on vacation only one hour a year, I’d totally want to be transported to ________

Sometimes, having a way to share a small part of yourself is exactly what your partner might need in order to brighten a moment. Sprinkle these small tidbits about yourself into a short text or put it on a Post It Note, write it on their napkin added to their packed lunch, etc. They’ll get a kick out of it.