Maybe it will be sent out on their birthday and Unbirthday dates (every month on the day of the month their birthday falls on). Choose an anniversary date, whether that’s a wedding anniversary or the day you met. Some may opt to plan for a day either you or your partner tend to struggle annually with, and release it a day or two prior to that date every month to help lift the weight on your hearts. Whenever it seems best, collect some personal blogs and send them out on your preselected date.


Ask 11 people from one of your circles, consider:


  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Family

  • Medical staff you interact regularly with

  • Individuals in social media circles

  • Other folks you interact with who can relate to your personal circumstances

  • Get daring, and ask someone you don’t have any relationship with but who inspires you (Hint: You’d be surprised how many will say yes when they understand WHY you’re asking them and how it will help)


This isn’t asking them to pen your special someone a letter, it’s inviting them to share something they feel is uplifting, thought provoking, heartening or electric. Maybe it will be a personal testimony, a memory that serves them well to return to on occasion which inspires them. It can be based around some potential date ideas. Stories specifically capturing a relational exchange between them and their loved one that captures how it changed them for the better. Whatever it is, let everyone know, that once a month, those will be sent out for one year not only to your lover, but also to everyone who participated, only without the author’s name. (Only your loved one will get to know who wrote what.)


Make sure you clarify that these are just meant to be a pick me up for your other half. No one needs to feel as though they have to hire an editor. They aren’t meant to be professional blogs. You don’t even have to use that term. They’re just sharing something to be a moment of escape from the every day, when those moments can be truly helpful. It’s a low pressure request.


It’s fun to hear from those around you. It makes those you ask to participate feel honored. And it reminds your partner, that you enjoy doing little things to pick up their spirits.