ZARZAND wishes everyone a Valentine’s Day filled with plenty of fun & satisfying expressions of endearment. We hope you get some great one on one time with your loved one. People will become engaged today. Some will find flowers, boxes of sweets, mushy/sentimental cards or fancier than normal meals being exchanged with someone special. Those exchanges make Valentine’s Day, the day where couples celebrate being allowed to share the others company.

But along with all of those getting to do that, will be hundreds of thousands of others who won’t be celebrating. There’s just as many people who would prefer not to get subjected to what this holiday is all about. And there’s a million reasons as to why that might be. To both of those groups, the ZARZAND Team would like to ask you to hold on to your hearts.

Stay encouraged, believing that you have an ability to make yourself one of those people that find the happy endings love stories are created around. Stay safe, there’s more opportunity to be found tomorrow.

And stay with us here at ZARZAND and lets all come back tomorrow on the 15th ready to focus ourselves on valuing creative, healthy and thoughtful intimacy.