The bath and shower deserve to be the private sanctuary they hold the potential to be, rather just the get in get out clean-up station.


Millions of people sing in the shower, if not full on dance like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a go to for those who like the chance to pleasure themselves. A lot use it as a way to escape being needed for a few precious minutes. It’s long been known to be the best place for a good cry so the excuse of emerging with a red face can be waived off. And some of us lay curled up on the floor in the fetal position, whether because of exhaustion or depression, where being caught naked or masturbating is far less an issue than being found on that floor unable to stand under the weight of life.


Whichever partner you have, make a commitment to adding some special love to this one special place. Find ways to leave it an easier atmosphere for your loved one to enter and exit.


Simple Tips to Add Some WOW to Your Washroom:


  • Set aside some money for bigger softer towels

  • Paint the walls so it feels fresh

  • Find some candles or other form of freshener

  • Add some electric candles

  • Switch out the shower curtain for either one that blocks light, or lets more in

  • Offer a music source whether for actual karaoke music or songs with words

  • Make a sound machine available if your partner finds that option more comforting

  • Install something to listen to audio books or podcasts

  • Create a basket of safe waterproof intimacy toys

  • Make sure there’s a way for the temperature in the room to be adjusted either direction

  • Upgrade the shower head somehow to one with multiple massage options

  • Purchase some of the many bath pillows on the market

  • Provide some soft scented bath & shower gel

  • Have an extra comfy bathrobe available for them to wrap up in

  • Two words: Epsom salts

  • Promise them to never walk in on them. Ever.