The originator of this idea wants to go on record as saying, they don’t do selfies unless they’re goaded or drug in to it, said with an eye roll. That being said, they’re still suggesting this date idea because it has simple steps, indoors/hospital atmosphere potential, no financial lay out, as well as an ability to be pulled off by larger numbers of our differing communities here at ZARZAND.

Use your sense of humor as well as your imagination, and find some everyday items in your life, those might have ties to your health care, or they might be the plastic fork in your glove box. Either way, take some selfies with those objects, and come up with some sappy to crazy reason say why you NEED or LOVE having that item in your life! Use words that make it out to be something profound about how it’s changed you for the better, or why getting to take a selfie with it is such a WOW experience. Maybe some will have a silly but sensual theme. It’s all about being goofy. — You can even make it a game challenge where each of you bring a bag with a few secret items in it, and the other person has to pull one out at a time and come up with a selfie sentence to match what’s selected.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can make this a truly hang out and have fun time:

  • Selfie with a can of Spam lunch meat: I can almost hear the ocean waves in Maui when I place this treasure to my ear! Who needs a conch shell?

  • Selfie with a set of keys: BEST KEYS EVER! Oh the places they take us! Seriously, can’t love them enough! Well, unless they also hung out with a set of Maserati or BMW or a Harley set of keys. THEN, I could potentially love them more.

  • Selfie with a curling iron: You think this is hot? You oughta see the looks on people’s faces when I’m out with you! You da hottie!

  • Selfie with a plastic spoon: Hey look at who I ran in to? I’ve wanted to SPOON with you ever since this fella managed to find itself in my hand last week!

  • Selfie with your partner’s toothbrush: Check this out! I’ve had so many dreams about getting to interact as much with your tongue as this has! So lucky!!!