Take the time one week to devote to studying something that your loved one is passionate about. Something they like to do as a hobby, maybe something they’re interested in as a pipe dream. Maybe it’s a topic they’ve mentioned once upon a time or just the other day which caught or holds their interest. Whatever it is, hit the Internet, the library, newspapers, whatever you can turn to in order to put together an envelope of “JUST FOR YOU BABE”.

Whether it contains copies of articles, or notes you’ve taken from your research, it makes no difference. It simply shows you pay attention to things that matter to them. And for some, maybe they don’t have a way or feel as though they can drop enough time to do what you’re going to do FOR them. — This can actually turn into a unique back and forth exercise in listening to one another, and maybe once every other month, you can each exchange an envelope as a gift, a date time, etc. It promotes not only listening, but also talking. And it never hurts to know a little something about those things that matter to your partner.

Get an aid, friend, or family member, to help you if you need to. Ask for books to be sent via your local library’s lending & delivery system if you can’t access the library. Or can you ask someone to take you to the library where workers there are at your disposal for additional assistance.

What if you can’t access books or a computer? Okay, throw the topic out with those you hang with. Talk about it and see what they know.  Take notes on what stands out. Whichever way you do it, it’s a very real sign of your caring if you opt to use your free time to track on this idea.