Ever heard of a HUG IT OUT shirt? It’s a strategy used by parents for sibling who argue too much. They buy an extra-large sized t-shirt, and when they catch the kids going at one another, they make them BOTH squeeze into the shirt for a predetermined amount of time to promote getting along and talking through their differences. Some parents actually require the kids to hug during that time as well, hence the name.

Though the root of the concept does have some potential for a great ice breaker for minor differences as a couple, we actually think it’s a far better idea for a way to lie side by side and hold some conversations on any day when there’s time to just be with one another and talk.

Yes, you could just agree to curl up with your partner, but come on, adding a little fun into the mix has a place sometimes. You could name the shirt after a specific focus of conversation any time you squeeze into it. Maybe your: DREAMING BIG shirt, or the BUCKET LIST shirt, WHAT’S OUR NEXT GOAL IN BED shirt, etc.

Or if there’s topics that might be well served by some up close and personal time, where that reassurance enhances those times, maybe it will be the: I’M FEELING INSECURE shirt, or the I MIGHT HAVE SAID THAT WRONG shirt, etc.

Either way, buy the shirt.