Form your own private book club for two. Read the same book and meet at a coffee shop to discuss what you’re reading. Or, meet on your couch, the kitchen table, or a corner of the house, just find some way to make it different than your everyday place. Bring a drink or snack specifically JUST for the book club dates.


Maybe make it a book on relationships or HOW TO’s on making others feel good about themselves. Highlight it, then pass it along when you’re done to another couple you’re close to. Make it a PASS IT ON book club.


Don’t want to stick with relationship material? Pick a book that is focused on something your partner really cares about so they know you’re willing to pay attention to those parts of them that make them who they are.


Philanthropic? Pick out children’s books and share them with each other, sign them with a good wish or happy thought, and give them to a children’s hospital or clinic or the foster care system. And don’t overlook the older kids. Maybe even consider books that talk about healthy relationships or examples them.


*Hint… don’t pick a book that will lead to possible arguments. This is supposed to be bonding time. Save debates for something else.