Relationship is hard work. (Everyone’s heads nod). Is it okay to recognize that without it sounding like you’re complaining or hinting that it’s become too much to bearSo what can you do when times get rough?

Here’s an idea ~ pick yourself up a couple of small, portable stuffed bears. Not huge ones. Make sure they’re a different color, size, or style, from each other.

During times when your details become strained or down right crushing, get in the habit of placing the bears side by side some place and snap a picture of them. The first time you do it, send it to your partner with a note that says: We can do this. We can get through this. Love BEARS all things. And that’s what we have. A love worth bearing through everything. Side by side, one day at a time.

Then when those tougher times hit, (arguments, differences of opinion, grief, confusion, stretching, breaking etc) — take a picture of the bears someplace else, make it different each time. You don’t have to send them the same note each time, they’ll get it…

Draw the bears if you have to. Or find a couple photos in magazines and cut them out or cut & paste them from a website. Photo shop apps open up all kinds of options for this idea. Use whatever you have to.