We’re sending this out to folks who are finding themselves unable to get a gift for their partner. It’s a reality for many. Maybe it’s just this moment in time, or maybe it’s an ongoing struggle. The hurdle might be physical, or more mental health related.

Either way, are there options that won’t leave you feeling empty handed?

We say yes.


Give them 3 nights of handpicked dreams, tailored just for them, by you.

For 3 nights in a row, pretend you have the power to make what they’ll dream about reflect whatever you say. Then you make up a short scenario that sends them some place to experience something wonderful, if not a little far-fetched. Maybe it will be truly peaceful. What about some level of time travel? A meal spent with someone they miss. A walk on the beach with some wild animal that allows a secret wish of theirs to play out.

Whatever it is, spend some time prior to gifting them their dreams, really weighing out an image that will make them smile. You’d be surprised how often they come back saying WHOA, I really did dream something along those lines. Let your motto be, “Good dreams, or NO dreams”.


Create a song list for them, hand chosen by you, with songs that convey messages you want them to hear. Make it a list to accomplish something specific.

  • Songs that makes them want to dance their stress out

  • Songs that will lower their blood pressure, leading into a catch their breath few minutes

  • Create a list that shows admiration for their courage, strength of will & determination to overcome. Or ones that elevate those qualities.

  • Maybe there are a couple songs that capture some of your thoughts better than you’ve been able to put into words on your own.

Whether you can find a way to download it, or you simply pass along the names of the songs on your list to them, the time you spent, and the thoughtfulness, will count.


Can you research out some odd facts regarding the year they were born? Add this note along with what you find: “Knowing all these odd random facts about the year you were born won’t exactly be life changing, but knowing you,now that’s been life changing.”

            Granted, knowing those facts won’t be life changing, but it is frankly kinda fun…


Collect, or just decide on several images of places you’d like to see them go, and do your best to express why you picked them. What would change for them after a whole day in those atmospheres? A few examples:

  • In the ocean scuba diving and surrounded by manta rays,  dolphins or orcas…

  • Walking the Great Wall of China at dusk or dawn, either alone or with a specific person (and no one else around!)

  • In a specific shopping venue with two $1000 gift cards, one they had to use for themselves and one for their BFF.

  • In a cave behind a waterfall, with a small campfire and a picnic basket with their favorite everything in it.

  • On the set of their favorite television show, or the next movie set of a series of movies they would never miss seeing.

  • Make them become a character in the next book of a series they groove on.

  • Send them up in a glider plane over somewhere you want them to see either for personal reasons, or because it would matter to them.

  • If they could be a fly on the wall someplace, where would you think they’d want to land and just get to observe?