There are several ways you can make this theme work, and stay within a tighter budget.They’re referred to as Glass, Synthetic, Acrylic, diamonds or gems. You can find them on line, or in craft, retail, dollar and pet stores. (Yes, pet stores lol)


  • We paid $25 for the box of 12 different color glass ones, and they’re about 2 inches/50mm across.
  • The largest one was listed as a paper weight, ran us $12, and is 4 inches/100mm side to side.
  • The pens with a jewel on top were $2.50.
  • The bags of acrylic or synthetic jewels ran between $1-$5 dollars. Glass ones ran the highest.
  • The stickers ran us $2.00.


*Note:Take into consideration hand control dynamics, mental health factors and child proof issues as you weigh which items you pick.


Whichever route you take, whether you opt to use one jewel, or several, tie it all together with the words:


You’re a jewel because…

What I treasure about you is…

These are viewed as precious stones, and I view you the same way because…

One of the things that make you a rare find is


You can find various messages that might fit in our sections called: *NOTE: Tom we need these two links made live



OR, you can keep track of things you notice they did, which endeared them to you, and share those moments in a note as you leave these for them.


Do it once, or do it over and over. Maybe fill a jar, candy dish, or ??? Display them on a dresser, work desk, shelf, etc. --- You can hide them as something fun to stumble upon, or place them quietly in their pockets.


And last but not least,feel free to leave a small bowl of these openly in a hospital room when those stays become necessary, along with a small post it note, reminding staff that your loved one is your personal greatest treasure, and to please treat them as priceless jewels.