Active – being in a state of action; characterized by participation or motion.

    Adaptable – able to adjust to different conditions.

    Adorable – very charming or attractive.

    Amazing – causing great surprise; to fill with wonder

    Ambitious – having ambition; eagerly attempting to achieve or obtain a specific goal

    Amusing – humorously pleasing or entertaining; causing laughter

    Attentive – giving attention; considerate; polite; thoughtful of others.

    Available – readily accessible

    Awe-inspiring – causing admiration or respect

    Awesome – extraordinary; terrific; very impressive

    Beautiful – having a pretty appearance; attractive; possessing qualities that are appealing

    Bold – willingness to take risks; daring; having courage.

    Brave – courageous; to challenge; dare; feeling no fear

    Bright – intelligent; clever

    Brilliant – having great intelligence; very bright or clever.

    Calm – free from excitement or disturbance; peaceful.

    Careful – cautious; thorough

    Charming – to attract by grace or beauty; pleasing; delightful.

    Cheerful – full of good spirits; pleasant

    Cheery – in good spirits; merry; happy

    Chill – easy going; cool.

    Clever – witty; skillful; having quick intelligence.

    Collected – calm and in control of oneself.

    Comical – funny; causing laughter.

    Compassionate – feeling or showing sympathy for others.

    Confident – feeling sure of oneself.

    Considerate – thoughtful of the feelings of others; careful not to cause inconvenience to others.

    Cool – awesome; very good; popular.

    Courteous – showing good manners and respect for others; polite.

    Creative – able to make new and original things; imaginative.

    Cute – attractive, especially in a dainty way; pretty.

    Debonair – gracefully charming; having a sophisticated charm.

    Delightful – highly pleasing.

    Dependable – reliable; worthy of trust.

    Determined – having reached a decision; being certain.

    Dreamy – having irresistible charm; gorgeous or handsome; out of the ordinary.

    Eager – having an enthusiastic desire or interest; urgent desire.

    Edifying – to instruct and improve, especially morally or spiritually.

    Energetic – active; exhibiting energy.

    Engaging – attracting, pleasing; charming.

    Enjoyable – having a likeable presence; attractive; pleasant to be around.

    Exciting – thrilling; energizing.

    Fabulous – ultimate expression of enthusiasm and joy; marvelous.

    Fair – unbiased; honest; follows rules.

    Fancy – luxurious; showy; not plain.

    Fashionable – stylish.

    Feisty – spirited, spunky; full of energy; irritable.

    Flamboyant – over the top; loud; showy; colorful.

    Flexible – 1. Easily bendable; pliable. 2. Adaptable; easily changes.

    Friendly – showing kindness to someone; helpful.

    Funny – causing amusement or laughter; comical.

    Generous – often giving or sharing; unselfish.

    Gentleman – a male with very good manners; civilized; respectful.

    Genuine- real; sincere; honest.

    Giving – generous; offering without expectation of something in return.

    Gorgeous – having impressive beauty.

    Gracious – offering kindness; being courteous and considerate.

    Grateful – deeply appreciative of something received.

    Handy – skillful or clever in using the hands (typically for projects, etc.).

    Happy – pleased, glad or delighted.

    hard-worker – one who is diligent and persistent in carrying out tasks or duties.

    Helpful – providing aid or assistance; of service.

    Heroic – having attributes of a hero; bold; daring; noble.

    Hilarious – extremely funny.

    Honest – being truthful; honorable in actions; fair.

    Hot – very attractive.

    Hottie – a very attractive person.

    Humble – modest; not proud or arrogant.

    Humorous – funny; comical.

    Hysterical – an outburst of emotion, typically resulting from something Humorous; incredibly funny.

    Incredible – so extraordinary as to seem impossible.

    Innovative – to do something in a new or creative way.

    Intelligent – clever; smart; high level of comprehension.

    Interesting – holding the attention; engaging; exciting.

    Jolly – in good spirits; cheerful.

    Joyful – full of happiness or delight.

    Kind – providing happiness to others; wanting to do good things.

    Knowledgeable – having or showing intelligence.

    Lively – full of spirit; active.

    Lovable – attracting or deserving affection.

    Loving – feeling or showing love; affectionate.

    Magical – mysteriously enchanting.

    Mature – having reached an advanced state of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult.

    Mellow – being relaxed, agreeable; detached from worry or stress.

    Mesmerizing - fascinating; hypnotizing; cause intense interest.

    Mischievous – playfully annoying; causing trouble.

    Musical – gifted in or fond of music.

    Neat – tidy; orderly and clean in appearance or habits.

    N.E.D. – No evidence of disease.

    Nice – agreeable; pleasing; kind.

    Non-egotistical – not boastful; not opinionated; thoughtful of the well-being of others.

    Nonjudgmental – not judged or judging on the basis of one’s personal standards or opinions.

    Optimistic – hopeful; expecting a positive outcome.

    Ostentatious – actions or qualities intended to attract notice or impress others.

    Outgoing – sociable; friendly with others.

    Passive – inactive participation; lack of response to something that typically induces an emotional reaction.

    Peaceful – tranquil; quiet; free from commotion, violence or disorder.

    Perceptive – showing a keenness of intuition and understanding.

    Perfect – flawless; accurate; meeting all requirements.

    Persevering – to keep at something in spite of difficulties or barriers; steadfast; persistent.

    Personable – having an agreeable or pleasing personality.

    Phenomenal – highly extraordinary; exceptional.

    Pleasant – having pleasing manners, behavior or appearance; agreeable; enjoyable.

    Pleasing – gratifying; agreeable; giving pleasure.

    Polite – showing courtesy and consideration; having good manners.

    Positive – filled with confidence; certain.

    Precious – beloved; dear.

    Quirky – having peculiar behavior or mannerisms.

    Rad – really cool; an abbreviation of the word ‘radical’.

    Radiant – glowing with love, confidence, happiness or joy.

    Rambunctious – wildly boisterous; unruly.

    Reassuring – saying or doing something to remove the doubts and fears of others; restoring confidence.

    Regal – of remarkable excellence or magnificence; resembling a king.

    Relaxed – being free of tension or anxiety.

    Reliable – dependable; able to be trusted.

    Remarkable – extraordinary; worthy of notice or attention.

    Respectful – showing politeness, respect or deference.

    Responsible – accountable; reliable; having a capacity for moral decisions.

    Restoring – bringing back to original existence or use; bringing back to a state of health, vigor.

    Royal – regal; fit for a king or queen.

    Savory – pleasing in taste or smell.

    Self-disciplined – correction or training of oneself for the sake of improvement.

    Sexy – excitedly appealing; sexually interesting; erotic.

    Sincere – genuine, honest, real; trustworthy.

    Smart – clever, witty, intelligent.

    Sociable – friendly; inclined to be in the company of others.

    Soft – gentle; mild; having a pleasing, comfortable or soothing effect.

    Spectacular – sensational; exciting to see; impressive display.

    Spontaneous – unplanned; taking place without any outside cause or force.

    Spunky – spirited; courageous and determined.

    Steady – constant; regular; not easily moved or upset.

    Stunning – of striking beauty.

    Stylish – fashionable; having or displaying a good sense of style.

    Suave – smoothly polite or agreeable; charming, confident and elegant.

    Super – very good or pleasant; excellent.

    Sweet – marked by gentile kindliness.

    Sympathetic – sensitivity to others; compassionate.

    Talented – having special ability; gifted.

    Tantalizing – provoking or arousing expectation or desire for something that is generally unobtainable.

    Tender – gentle, mild; loving; affectionate.

    Thankful – feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

    Thoughtful – considerate of the needs of others.

    Thrifty – frugal; using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

    Tidy – arrange neatly; organized; neat and orderly.

    Trendy – very fashionable or up to date in style.

    Trustworthy – dependable; reliable; deserving of trust.

    Unassuming – modest; not arrogant.

    Uncanny – strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.

    Uncontainable – very strong (typically referring to an emotion).

    Understanding – aware of other’s feelings; tolerant, sympathetic and forgiving.

    Unique – unlike anything else; the only one of it’s kind.

    Unobtrusive – not attracting attention; inconspicuous.

    Unshakeable – strongly felt or believed and unable to change.

    Unwavering – steady; tireless.

    Victorious – conquering; triumphant; having won a victory.

    Vital – necessary to the existence or well-being of something.

    Voluptuous – sensuously pleasing or delightful.

    Warm – showing or expressing enthusiasm, affection or kindness.

    Willing – ready, eager or prepared to do something.

    Wise – having or showing wisdom or good judgment; sensible.

    Witty – amusingly clever in quick and inventive verbal humor.

    Wonderful – marvelous; admirable; excellent, great.

    Youthful – having the freshness and energy of youth.