Couples working with in-treatment addiction and rehab centers are often seeking out one way or another to best support their partner, no matter which side of the door you find yourself. Sometimes, often, both partner may even be in rehab at the same time. Our team have taken the time to speak with multiple staff as well as participants in treatment, these are the suggestions that have come from those interviews.


We have ZARZAND team members who’ve personally used them as well.


  • OUR coloring pages for mental health and encouragement (because broken crayons can still color) CLICK HERE! Make sure its allowable and permissible to bring crayons or felt pens.


  • Solo games, handheld games & puzzles. If you want specific game ideas, cruise through several of our other gift sections. Remember: You’ll need to check policies for battery operated items.


  • If you’re allowed, bring them something with a pleasant fragrance to keep in their drawers or pockets for grounding. When all the senses are on over load, being able to find something calming to one, can make a difference. There’s a company called SCENTSYTM that markets dozens of scent based products to include a small, thin, compact items called CAR BARS & SCENT CIRCLES. There are no oils or waxes involved with either option. They have the largest selection of scent based items that we’ve found, and are not as overwhelming as the other hang from the car mirror scent options. But the downside, is you have to order them through local self-employed reps, or find them on line, versus the standard industry ones that can be found at most retail or car parts stores.


  • Clean, brightly colored, stand out socks and briefs/under-garments. Buy several of the same pairs if possible, so they know exactly whose is whose, should laundry confusion happens.


  • Build a Bear TM lets you make a personalized stuffed animal or seasonal character, with a pre-recorded message from you or someone else they feel safe with. You can also have more than one installed. Again check policy regarding the voice box being inserted. (Note* There are no small number of stuffed animals to choose from and with different pricing levels depending on the character. Don’t feel pressured to buy outfits or accessories.) One last thought, you can actually purchase the sound boxes, which are about 1.5 inches square, so super compact, without the stuff animal. This allows the recipient to have the voice message in their pocket for when they want to hear your voice without having to travel a stuffy around.


  • Are you free to bring in food/treats? Homemade are often prohibited, but if sealed store bought items are permissible, grab one of the tiny assortment pack of cold cereals most of us associate with fun memories. It’s simply meant to make them smile, plus it’s a special treat when trying to focus past stepping off of whatever brought them into care. (Note* Kelloggs seems to be the only one currently marketing these type of small boxes.)


  • Seuss’s book OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO. Doesn’t matter how old or young they are. This book’s message is encouragement mixed openly, with some reality based thoughts, all voiced from an author who knows just how to phrase things in his ever familiar and lighthearted fashion.


  • A relatively inexpensive but engaging gift idea, are Origami based books or kits. Both contain ready cut paper, so no scissors are needed. Between paper airplanes, flowers, animals when pets on the outside are potentially being missed, there’s no small number of options available as well as levels of difficulty.