Whether it’s a matter of being in two different places at one time due to medical necessity, it’s helpful to help mentally & emotionally focus through a moment, daily work schedules, or if its handy to have a game that can be played in two different rooms as you maintain some distance simply to give your partner room when it’s for the best, this list has been created to accommodate the chance to interact, share some down time, and connect.


We’ve taken portability into consideration, as well as the ability to get them past metal detectors, as well as many rehab and mental health facilities.


(As always, check with each facility prior to arriving with them.)


  • I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT! By Hygge Games: A trivia game that allows for the deck to be split between partners, so no matter where you each are, it’s still entertaining.


  • BATTLESHIP by Hasbro: Allows for both players to take their playing field with them. (Note* This game does come in a travel size as well as standard. Travel sizing may be a struggle for fine motor skill challenges as well as individuals with visual impairment.)


  • PERSONALOGY by Continuum Games: Each player can carry half the deck with them to play whenever its time.


  • TABLE TOPICS TO GO by Tabletopics: Each player can carry half the deck with them to play whenever its time. (Note* Has multiple topic games available in this series. ALSO, there are full sized versions as well as travel versions, both are fairly compact, but the travel ones are cheaper, have a smaller foot print and are pocket sized.)


  • OUR MOMENTS - COUPLES ADDITION by Our Moments: Each player can carry half the deck with them to play whenever its time. (Note* also has additions on other topics)


  • URBAN LEGENDS by Word Teasers: Once again, this deck can be split in half and carried with each partner waiting to be used. Beyond promoting conversations, players have to decide what are actual facts, or as the game implies, only urban legends. Prepare for a few shocks to your systems lol.


  • MAD LIBS by Penguin Group Usa: The long time series of word games that can be made as funny or as sensual as you the players, create them to be. Seriously, there are loads of topics to choose from. We suggest players should pick a different topic to have available when it’s time to connect, personalize it to your hearts content.


  • THINGS THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN SCHOOL by Hygge Games: Defined as a mildly offensive, crazy mix of fun facts, random trivia, and totally useless facts.