We’re going to repurpose these items. Think of them as a small game changer for those in our worlds who deal with anxiety or low stress tolerances.


Look for ones that have a definite TEXTURE to their outside fabrics. Those can range from varying cloths, such as: faux fur, corduroy, velvet, sateen, leathers, to imprinted vinyl or similar synthetics. Beading or related fixtures have potential as long as they’re adhered WELL to the chosen article.


Since carrying these items are viewed as typical in most circles, no one will read into their presence, which is a plus. If the carrier keeps additional daily usage items in them, such as pens, hand sanitizer, meds, inhalers, tissues, money, etc., then the invisibility factor increases all the more.


These textures are an opening step in assisting your loved on in regaining some focus. You can make your best guess from what you know of your partner as to which of the above textures would better suite their calming needs. Or you can openly invite them in to the process of selecting one for themselves.


But having something close by that they can reach for and keep quietly in their hands/laps also works as a simple fidget.


Encourage the user, to not only use them as a focusing tool, but also as a reminder to the fact that how they feel in the moment will pass. And that you hope they’ll feel your love for them at the same time. Tie the wording in.


Additional items that can be placed inside these resources, offering further refocusing assistance, can be found in our sections:

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