When anxiety takes hold, and space is a factor,

the following list of ideas are all ones that can be placed inside an envelope

to send along with your loved one.


Put in articles that are of interest to them specifically, or something totally obscure:

  • Fashion hits and misses
  • Their favorite fantasy football team
  • Tourism that pertains to some little known destination
  • History that involves cartoon characters, or VW camper vans, or local cafes & food trucks etc
  • Would they like something about the latest mountain bike trails becoming available?
  • Some recipes for rubs they might like to try their hand at BBQing, or the results of how to produce the next great microbrew.
  • How to master or overcome obstacles in gaming arenas
  • Reviews on
  • com is pretty much a jackpot for ideas on ANYTHING, it’s not all craft orientated. Cruise them for things you can print off.
  • Coffee roast articles on flavoring profiles
  • Weird but available sources of protein (Insect based protein powders, alligator or ostrich jerky, canned rattle snake etc.)
  • Company logos that contain hidden messages


  • Put in some puzzles, like Suduko,Picture Finds (think Where’s Waldo) or Word    finds. (You can create your own personalized word finds and other word puzzles on http://puzzle-maker.com/WS)


  • Include some instructions on how to fold some paper airplanes as those are always fun to throw around, and some extra paper to fold.


  • Leave 3 very distinct voicemails on their phones that they never erase. Place a note with a reminder message in the envelope to go pull them up. Remind them that they can loop those around and listen to them a hundred times if it helps. Make the messages:


  • A personal support message from you reassuring them that their track record of surviving these attacks is 100% so far. Remind them of why you care about them. Are they able to call you no matter what? If so, tell them to call you once they’ve listened to all three messages.


  • Leave a song that focuses them on something positive, or is an instrumental, maybe a song that they consider “your guys’ song.” Some do well with a familiar holiday song. AND last but seriously not least, leave a song that YOU’RE singing, even if singing isn’t your strength.


  • Let them have a message where you’re just reading to them. Or have your kids read to them. Maybe it’s a religious passage, or just a book that’s familiar, their favorite poem etc. It doesn’t have to be minutes long, but 90 seconds seems to be a winner.


  • Along the same lines as a Pop-Up book, there’s a company called LOVEPOP Cards They make some truly fascinating cards that can be a short subtle distraction.


  • Add some personal photos. Try to find ones that depict you both sharing a good time. Or ones where the person is having a happy moment. Can you add a message with them sharing your memories involved with both, that often raises the benefit of capturing their thoughts and tracking them away from the stressor.


  • Enclose a couple of coloring pages you’ve hand selected for them. Include some small colored pencils or crayons. Cruise our site for ideas: CLICK HERE!


  • Including pieces of sour candy, gums or strong hot mints that will startle the senses can help with focusing. POP ROCKS also provide an oral sensation that can refocus in the midst of a panic attack for even the briefest of moments.


  • Place a fidget ring or two in. Search for them on line for the most options budget wise, but many local jewelers are now offering them as well.


  • Add a list of phone apps you’ve researched that can be quickly downloaded that you believe will grab and hold their attention. As these are so personal from individual to individual, we’ll leave that list to you. Sometimes that small break of having to really look for the app and focus on its downloading can be useful. OR YOU CAN PRELOAD them if you suspect that would be easier for your partner, and simply give them a note that reminds them which apps you’ve placed there for just these moments.


  • Seal a small piece of cloth or paper in a sandwich style zip baggie, that you’ve sprayed with a light amount of your colon or perfume.


  • Or cooking vanilla.
  • There are multiple fragrant oils on the market.
  • Put in three or four coffee beans.
  • Find a rearview mirror car freshener that’s not overwhelming.
  • Some people really like the smell of fabric sheets