• Get a small rock, and take a picture of it. Photo shop its image into several scenes, and then write a couple sentences about what the rock thought of that situation, as if it were a memory it has. Once you have that ready, give the rock to your loved one as a “Pet rock.” Begin sharing those scenes every so often with the new pet owner. This can be an ongoing present, purely meant to bring a smile. You can also opt to hand the rock to a friend, family member, co-worker, care provider etc., just someone you’ll have access to retrieve it from, and ask them to help play along by also taking a few pictures of the rock in different places, and texting it to you. People WILL help you, this is not a hard ask.


  • Tape or pin notes on your partners clothing for them to stumble across, that expressed how jealous you are that this part of that article of clothing gets to touch a part of them you’re very fond of. Leave several to be found over time. Feel free to express more about that specific body part and why your fond of it.


  • Whether you’re capable of actually expanding your fingers, have Quad hands, rely on your feet in place of hands, or use a prothesis, makes no matter; Find a way to do an old fashion kid tracing around what’s yours, and then color it. Make a list of things that hand would love to do to, or for, your partner. From sexual, to tickling, massages, to bathing. Be as imaginative as you can. Now go hang it up on the fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.


  • Using erasable white board pens, begin leaving happy faces, hearts, or messages on the toilet seat, bathroom mirror, shower wall or bathtub, windows, car mirrors, catheter bags, medical supply boxes, bathing water bin, anyplace where you can wash it off, and they’ll come across it and feel the love. Do it once a week in the same place. Or more places and more often.


  • Decorate their paper sacks, sandwich baggies, bolus tubes, fluid bags, etc for their lunches or snacks. Write a message on the napkin. Put faces on the hardboiled eggs. Put a note on their water or coffee bottles. Send them into their days able to feel your thoughts as it moves along.


  • Start doing a TATTLE TUESDAY, where every Tuesday, you brag about them on social media. If they’re not built for public stages like that, just text THEM and do it so they know what you’re thinking. Share:


An act of kindness they did for you

Something nice you saw them do for someone else

Compliment a part of their character or nature

Highlight a part of their body you’re exceptionally fond of

A quote from them you found thought provoking

Did they accomplish something at work?

Do they kick tail at a hobby, sport, video game etc?


  • Arrange for a friend or family member they’re fond of, to give them a call, and at the same time, make sure your partner has a free moment. And maybe something to drink, a snack, etc. Then let them enjoy their few moments off.


  • As you lay out the meds for the week add in the occasional:

Piece of candy

A slip of paper with a heart or smiley face drawn on it

A note that says HI SEXY, or HEY BEAUTIFUL

Write a fortune such as you’d find in a fortune cookie

A coupon for??? (Need ideas? CLICK HERE!)


  • Write their parent or grandparent a letter sharing some stories of what makes your partner so unique.


How they’re pressing through.

What sets them apart in the brave department.

Why you’d choose them every single time.

Real life examples that goes to proof, that they’re one in a million.


Make it an actual letter rather than a text if at all possible. Let them read it before you send it off, and have their permission.


  • Be a multilingual lover. Learn to say endearing messages in several different languages. Try one of ours, or pick something you always say in fondness to one another.


You’re amazing

You make my life better

You’re beautiful

Thank you

Need a hug?

Can I kiss you?