Coupon good for me arranging for a friend to come over and either hang with you or take you out for some much needed YOU time.

You time

You can look... but you can't touch... I'll slowly strip tease to your favorite song. Just hand over this coupon and watch.

You can look…

Coupon good for a can of whipped cream, it can be for dessert or foreplay, you decide!

Whipped cream

Like it wet and wild? Turn in this coupon for some sexy time anywhere wet... a hot tub, water bed, the shower, a pool, you name it!

Wet and wild

This is worth me handing you a paper with 20 different websites you’ve never been on that I think you’ll really enjoy looking around on when you get bored.


This coupon is good for me reminding you of one of the reasons I wanted to marry you.

Wanted to marry you

Good for me writing out five things I love about us! YOU and I. Because being able to say "us" matters to me.


This coupon is good for an uninhibited evening of pleasure!Let's literally rip each others clothes off.


Coupon good for addressing two different topics you want to talk about that I tend to avoid. One topic today and one tomorrow. You get to pick the subject matter.

Two topics

Coupon good for me writing you out a list of the top ten places on your body I would love to plant a kiss on you the most, and in what order I would place them!

Top 10 places

Barer of this coupon is entitled to our using one evening for us writing thank you notes together to send to at least three people who have helped support us in being a couple.

Thank You Notes

Coupon good for reminding you that when you walk into the room, my heart picks up a beat.

Heart picks up a beat

Interested in some ticklish delights? Present this coupon and we will indulge in taking turns tantalizing with ice cubes, feathers, whatever we can think of.

Ticklish delights

You take such amazing care of certain very specific parts of me. This coupon good for you getting to choose a specific part of YOU that you’d like to have some special care taken of this weekend.(Hair? Fingernails? A massage? Footbath? you tell me)

Hair, Fingernails?

Good for one DANG YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL wolf whistle in a crowded room.

Dang you’re beautiful

Redeemable for me helping you not only shave any and all body parts (yours) that you ask me to, but I’ll also talk sensual to each body part WHILE I’m shaving it…

Shave body part

Good for my agreeing to not talk about a subject you need more time to prepare to talk about. We will sit down and talk tomorrow at this time instead.

Talk tomorrow

This is good for me ASKING you to please select a magazine on any topic you like and subscribe to it so you can use it to distract you when you need to shut your mind off the most. (ones you already subscribe to now don’t count!)

Magazine subscription

A late-night dessert run on demand, weather not-withstanding

Late night dessert

Good for me supporting you in taking an hour to go absorb what I just shared with you. I’ll have a cup of ______________waiting for you afterwards, and then you can tell me your thoughts.

Cup of _________

Hand me this, and I'll tell the kids one reason I wanted to marry you.

Tell the kids….

Hand me this, and I'll tell the kids one thing about you I admire.

Tell the kids…

Hand me this, and I'll tell the kids one of YOUR best qualities I see in THEM too!

Tell the kids

Lets have some fun! Hand this back to me and you and I will create hand drawn “lovers tattoos” on 2 or 3 parts of the other’s body using washable felt pens. We’ll take pictures for keepsakes!


Coupon good for me supporting you in taking an hour to go ________________________ when you most need it.

Taking an hour

This is good for me ASKING you to please select a magazine on any topic you like and subscribe to it so you can use it to distract you when you need to shut your mind off the most. (ones you already subscribe to now don’t count!)


Coupon good for me committing to writing out a list of three things I promise I'll do different to help us be a stronger couple.

Stronger couple

Steamy... Present this coupon to feel my hot tongue explore your most sensitive areas.


Good for us writing out several sayings that remind us to stay encouraged in all sorts of colored felt pens and taping them up all over the bedroom ceiling so we see them every day.

Staying encouraged

Let's start pen paling someone secretly! This coupon good for us picking anyone you want to, and we’ll start sending them a STAY ENCOURAGED note or card once a week for a month.

Stay encouraged

Co-coupon #2: This one is good for us starting on ONE of those projects ASAP! We’ll prioritize getting it done somehow.

Start project

Let's write thank you notes to all your specialists and we can put in a coupon giving them permission to treat themselves to a candy bar and we’ll put in a dollar.


This is good for me wearing nothing but socks around you for one whole day!

Socks only

This coupon is worth an hour of you being able to sit in a chair and zone out, even if it's just a few feet away from me. I promise to stay quiet and not interrupt your time off.

sit in a chair

Redeemable for me helping you not only shave any and all body parts (yours) that you ask me to, but I’ll also talk sensual to each body part WHILE I’m shaving it…


Coupon good for us sitting down in the next half hour and setting a date for us to go on a _____ minute walk together, sometime in the next two weeks.

Setting a date

Present this coupon when you want to be seduced... You won't believe how tempting I can be...


I can be as gentle or as rough as you like... curious? Present this coupon for a full body scratching using slow circular movements and long strokes.


Coupon good for a DELICIOUS lovemaking session. I'll bring some sauces.


Coupon good for me running you a bath, sitting next to the tub to read to you while you soak, my shaving your ___________ for you, then me toweling you off.

Running you a bath

This coupon good for me talking about the most romantic song or movie I know and why I think it's the MOST romantic one.

Romantic song/movie

Trade this coupon in for me writing a romantic note to no less than ten of your body parts where I’ll flirt with it in words and tell it why I’m so fond of it!

romantic note

Redeem this coupon when you are in the mood to lay back and relax as I take total control of our lovemaking... You just relax and enjoy!


This coupon is good for us redecorating one wall by your bed with pictures of YOU & I.


Want a Quickie? When all you're thinking is "Do Me NOW..." present this coupon and your wish is my command! And my pleasure too...


Coupon good for a quick drive to go get a treat of your choice , with me (or by yourself if you need quiet time.)

Quick drive for a treat

Coupon good for turning your purr on. And probably a little MEOW too...


Coupon good for me supporting you in taking an hour to go cool off while I figure out how to phrase my apology.

Phrase my apology

Good for one hour of us looking through photos and somehow tagging them with BOTH of our memories about what was happening in each picture.


Some days are just rougher. We both know that. This coupon good for us recognizing & agreeing that our moods and frustrations aren’t personal, its just been one of those days.

One of those days

Present this coupon and we'll try a new position. You decide which one.

New position

Good for me supplying us with either Nerf guns, or a bag of rubber bands and some paper cup targets to get our frustrations out with!

Nerf guns

Coupon represents a genuine apology for my being a grump to you today or coming off as ungrateful… my bad…

My bad…

Good for us tracking someone else down to come to an event of your choice along with us, who’ll hang a little more with me so that you’re able to move about a bit more. And I won’t take it the wrong way LOL!

Move around a bit more

This coupon good for me stopping whatever I’m doing in this moment that you are concerned might risk us not getting to go out later today as planned. I’ll take it easy instead so you know I value that time with you too.

Might risk us

The owner of this coupon is entitled to a immediate 15 minute scalp, temple, hand or foot massage.


Coupon good for a night of masked exploration. I'll blindfold you before I make love to you.

Masked exploration

Present this coupon for some Hot Makeup Sex. A much better way to cool down after feeling steamed.

Makeup sex

I'll do whatever is necessary to make you smile. This coupon is good for an evening dedicated entirely to your orgasm. I'll do the best I can to help you reach one.

Make you smile

Good for me signing you up for any one magazine you want, and when they come, I’ll read through them WITH you.


Coupon good for me looking the other way today and not holding a grudge because of any action or words used today that you’re asking me to not take personally.

Looking the other way.

Coupon good for us sharing a conversation about what steps we can take or plans we can make that will help hold our relationship together for the long haul.

Long haul

Coupon good for one 30 minute to an hour long drive in the car with just ME.

Long drive with me

Good for a listening ear about any subject you want to discuss for no less than 15 minutes.

Listening ear

Coupon good for us having one entire conversation sharing things we like about other couple's relationships that we would like to mirror in ours.

Like to mirror

Coupon good for a little light bondage --- I'll tie you up and hold you down until you rise to the occasion...

Light Bondage

Coupon good for me helping to get you signed up for our local library’s home delivery program. We can get printed or audio books, whatever you want!


Give this back to me and I'll write a letter written as if I'm actually writing to my favorite part of your body.


Coupon good for me saying, Let's stop doing what we’re doing right now, and instead you take the next 30 minutes to just ____________________________ . (I’ll let you fill in the blank)

Let’s stop

Coupon good for us stopping for an hour and making a LETS DO THIS SOMETIME THIS YEAR list. We’ll focus on making plans for some fun!

Let’s do this…

Coupon good for me sharing what the most lame thing I ever tried to do that I thought was going to be super romantic at the time...

Lame thing

Use this coupon next time you want to go for a drive alone for an hour without having to be someplace you HAVE to be. Just alone time.

Just alone time

Coupon good for me INSISTING that you stop what you’re doing and go take a long shower or soaking bath right now!


The person giving you this thinks the person reading it is incredible & cute! Coupon good for frequent reminders of that.

Incredible & cute

Coupon food for an evening of imaginative lovemaking. Let's use every part of our bodies to explore except our hands.

Imaginative lovemaking

Coupon good for me making up an imaginary vacation for the two of us if I could take you on it.

Imaginary vacation

Can you say Icy Hot? Present this coupon and let me cool you off in all the right places with a ice cube in ways you won't believe!

Icy Hot

Coupon good for me bringing a half gallon of your favorite ice cream or sherbet to bed with us and 2 spoons.

Ice cream

Coupon good for either a nice cold drink or some "Let's use ice next time we make love..." experimenting and fun.


Coupon good for a game of I Owe You strip poker. We'll play now, keep track of JUST YOUR wins and you can call in those wins when you most want to. All at once or piece by piece....

I Owe You

When this coupon is returned, I will write out a list of five things I most admire about you.

I most admire.

Coupon good for me supporting you in taking an hour to go settle down while I figure out how to respond as well as I want to to this last conversation.

How to respond

Coupon good for a rousing game of Hang Man or Scrabble where every word or phrase used has to have something to do with US.


I will fluff up your pillow, hand you the remote control for the evening and stay awake to watch a show with you. (And I won't comment on your pick)

Hand you the remote

Trade this coupon in for me hand drawing a picture of US.

Hand drawing

This coupon good for me telling you which part of the day I find myself grateful for you the most!

Grateful for you

Coupon good for me "giving you a dream" so that you can head to bed with a really special image in your mind and heart to focus us. (I promise to make up a GOOD one!)

Giving you a dream

This coupon good for me telling you something about you I genuinely admire.

Genuinely admire

This is a free pass for getting out of doing a chore. (But just for today LOL)

Free pass

Coupon good for us exchanging either a conversation or a letter focusing on what steps we can take that will help hold our relationship together for the long haul.

For the long haul

Coupon good for me stopping to take the time to flirt hot and heavy with you for the next 5 minutes. I promise to genuinely try to convince you you’re my favorite HOTTIE!


Good for us looking through a magazine or on line for a cool new way to paint your finger and/or toe nails, and within 2 days, me doing my best to recreate it for you.


Feeling adventurous? When you are, we'll bring a vibrator into our sex play and see if we can shake things up.

Feeling adventurous?

Return this to me and I’ll locate at least three different Facebook groups who offer support and chat groups on any topic you want me to for you to join and enjoy.


Don’t need a massage per say, but could just use a little extra touch today? This is good for me applying some lotion wherever you need it, AND a hug.

Extra touch

Coupon good for my helping you get an extra bath/shower within the next 24 hours. And to add some fun to it, I’ll be nakey while we do that!

Extra bath

Coupon good for us exchanging a conversation or letter, sharing things we like about other couples relationships that we'd like to mirror in ours.

Exchanging a conversation

This coupon good for some steamy erotica. I'll read while you listen.


Coupon good for us having some fun running our dreams through one of the dream interpretation websites that are out there.

Dream Interpretation

Coupon good for letting the dog up on the bed/couch with us this one time!

Dog up

This entitles you to us planning a date night next month where we’ll invite another couple who we enjoy over for a meal or coffee & dessert.

Date night

Co-coupon #1: This is worth me locating a contractor or specialist who will come look at our home and figure out little changes we could make that would make things nicer easier for you.


This coupon entitles you to a comfort food meal when you need it most. Let me know what you want most, and then give me 24 hours in order to get all the ingredients picked up.

comfort food

Redeem this for a CARE package box I've made and set aside for you that contains: a box of tissues, chocolate, some play dough for pounding and a small nerf gun.

CARE package box

Coupon good for a candle light dessert with you in bed.

Candle light

Coupon good for me supporting you in taking an hour to go hang with or call and talk to, someone of your choice.

Call someone

Coupon good for me either hanging a bird feeder outside the window you’re closest to most of the time and helping to keep it full, or setting up a small fish tank or goldfish bowl wherever you spend the most time per day.

Bird feeder

Coupon good for you closing your eyes and me reading you a bedtime story.

Bedtime story

This entitles you to after a bath/shower, me getting you all messy & sticky right away by putting whipped cream on your chest and then licking it off. Help cleaning you up again will follow.


Good for me arranging for a babysitter so you and I can just cuddle. Yep, not go out, just go to bed. Your call as to what we do there!


Coupon good for me addressing one question that I've been avoiding to answer... or you've been dragging your feet about asking. : ) Either way, I'll do my best to answer it.

Avoiding to answer

You pick any one TV program that you enjoy the most, and I’ll research out an address on it, and we’ll send them an autographed picture of us!

Autographed picture

Hand over this coupon to see me naked and lying on the bed for as long as you wish.

As long as you wish

Hand this back to me and I'll write out five things I love about US! Yep, you and I. Because being able to say US matters to me.

5 things

Good for me being 110% supportive in you doing whatever it takes for you to get to go to bed early on the night you hand this to me.


On the off chance you're even a little unsure, this coupon is good for me looking you in the eye and making it 100% clear, you are loved.

100% loved

This coupon is good for me asking someone to come take no less than 10 pictures of you and I together. I'll have them printed up for us too.

10 Pictures

Trade this in for me handing you a stack of 10 cards with envelopes already stamped for you to be able to send to people you want to know that you are thinking about them.

10 cards