How to Create A Memory When You Can’t Get Out to Get THE Gift of the Century… They say giving someone an adventure is far better than anything you can physically hand them. The following ideas certainly bare truth to that.


  • Get friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc., to arrive at your door with one flower at a time for a bouquet. Have a hug attached if that would be welcome. Seeing them will brighten your lover’s day. It can be all at once, or stagger it out throughout the day, morning, evening, etc. The rule is though, no one comes fully through the door or stays. AND YES…it’s okay to ask those who can, to cover the cost of their flower, or let them know you’ll hand them an envelope with a couple bucks in it before they take off after dropping their flower.


  • Ask several people to hand deliver a dozen or half dozen different color balloons. Dollar stores carry them for a buck, so this is not a budget breaker. Again, the people are half the gift, but the room will hopefully fill up soon and be a mood lifter.


  • Arrange for a small handful of their friends and family to take turns calling to read them a passage from whatever book you think they’d most like. Or ask them to search the web for a ridiculous sharing along the lines of tabloids. Maybe you’ll ask the readers to read one chapter from whatever book THEY’RE currently reading. And have them ALWAYS end it with, You’re the love of (have them insert your name here) life, and he/she along with myself, wish you a happy ____________.


  • Play the word game HANG MAN with them, only let them know, you will be the only one presenting puzzles, and they strictly get to fill in the letters. Your job is to create a list of 3 to 10 SINGLE WORD ONLY compliments, that you feel best describes your loved one. Things that you admire about them. OR… you can do a physically themed version and have each word be a body part on them, and each time they solve the puzzle, you get physically intimate with that body part. This of course only works if both people are equally going to enjoy that bend to the game. Click Here for a long list of one word compliments here on the ZARZAND site.


  • You’ll need to solicit the help of three friends or family members to help pull this next memory maker off. Have friend #1 one come and help bake a pan of cookies/brownies, or Take n Bake pizza etc., something that fills the air with a comfort dessert type smell. While that person is baking, friend #2 is either giving your other half a pedicure/manicure or a hand or foot massage, whichever is more welcome. While that is taking place, have the 3rd person reading to them, or doing some type of stand-up comedy (they can read off a list of lame jokes ripped from the internet) or karaoke/lip singing. We’re not talking professional here, we’re looking for a fun time. Only you know which people can or will help pull this off, but be brave in the invitation. Have kids? Enlist them if that’s doable. In the end, it will be an unforgettable time. AND YOU OF COURSE CAN TAKE ANY ONE OF THESE 3 SPOTS…


  • Does your partner love music? Enjoy singing? Can’t sing, but sings happily away anyway? Give them a breakfast in bed, or a dessert for dinner, whichever best suites your brave time of day, and play a little game while they’re dining called, AUTOCOMPLETE’S TOP 10 BILLBOARD AWARDS. Grab your cell phone and have your partner sing you just one line from the beginning of that song’s chorus. While they do, you type that line into your phone as if you were going to text it to your loved one. But once that sentence is half way through, start hitting the AUTOCOMPLETE button that comes up as the middle suggestion. And keep hitting it selecting that word until a complete sentence has formed. THEN SING THEM THE NEWEST RENDITION OF THEIR FOVORITE NUMBER. Let them continue to sing lines, and you continue to allow Autocomplete fill in all top 10 slots. Neither of you will ever forget your time, we promise. (Even if one of you wishes you could lol.)