61. Does your special someone have a pen & pencil tray, cup or drawer? Take a moment to collect all the ones laying around, then put all of them pointed one direction in their holder.

62. And yet another simple message to leave on the bathroom mirror.... On the top write: HEY! and on the bottom write MADE YOU LOOK! (LOL)

63. Tape their favorite candy bar or any piece of wrapped candy to their toothbrush and leave a note that says: What the heck, you might as well indulge before you brush!

64. Any time you do go out by yourself, maybe for some guy time, or a girls night out, even if it’s the grocery store, or running an errand --- whenever it’s possible, always return with a small treat for them. Pulling through a drive through means you won’t even have to leave the car.

65. Are you people of faith? Leave them a note on the mirror, or just on a simple piece of paper that says: When I see you, I think to myself, GREAT JOB GOD! (Obviously feel free to replace God with mother nature, or who, or what ever, you feel best fills that spot for you)

66. Get a piece of paper and pen and trace your hand. Give to your partner and say, "For when you wanna hold hands?"

67. When they’ve had a hard day and are maybe a little cranky, silently hand them their favorite beverage, snack, or escapist magazine. Then disappear. The treat shows you care, and vanishing gives them space to be grumpy and work through things on their own...

68. Put a sign on the outside of your front door that says: "The world's greatest husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend lives here," for them to see when they get off work or home from an errand.

69. Want to give them a laugh? Leave a small bowl of Cheerios or Fruitloops, Trix, any cereal that floats next to the toilet with this note: Feel free to drop 3 or 4 of these into the toilet and see if you can sink them!

70. During the hotter weather seasons, check everyday to make sure there’s a big mug in the freezer or a tall glass in the fridge so when they want a cold drink, they’ve always have a chilled cup to use. That way even if there’s no ice they’re covered.