1. You won’t listen to the voice in your head saying 60 seconds of trying to do something romantic isn’t worth it.

2. You can tell yourself that the one you care about won’t think you’re lame for having to resort to 60 second goals because they know your background.

3. You can decide that you WILL choose to take at least 60 seconds every day to show a small gesture to your partner that convoy’s you’re thinking about them.

4. Every time you have to head out different directions, whether for work, errands or for play, do your best to always be there by the door as they walk out so the last thing they hear is you saying “Be safe, have fun."

5. Leave them a note or text that simply says: The day we first met was a very good day.

6. Every single time you use the bathroom, ALWAYS put the toilet seat UP for him.

7. Write a note saying “The person writing this thinks the person reading it is incredible.”

8. Write: Me+U = ( : on a small piece of paper and then slip it in their book, magazine or day timer as a page marker.

9. Does your partner’s feet tend to get cold at night? Every night place a pair of clean socks out for them on their pillow. If they sleep hot, take the time to place a glass of cold water (ice is a perk) next to the bed for them.

10. On a piece of paper, or in a text, write out: Stay positive today and remember I believe in you! Then sign it _______(your name).