81. Hand them a pair of your panties or briefs to carry with them in their pocket today.

82. Whisper a message in your partner’s voicemail and say something complimentary about one of their more intimate body parts in the middle of the day.

83. Next time you see them coming out of the shower or in the process of dressing or undressing, tell them to stop and look at you, and once you’ve established eye contact, pay them the compliment of simply saying MEOOOOW! Few things mean more than having someone make you feel good about yourself. Whether they laugh, blush or cut themselves down, just quietly say I am allowed to meow when I feel like meowing.

84. Make a lunch for your partner, and take one bite of the sandwich. Put a note in with it saying: That’s a love bite and there’ll be more love bites or nibbles for you once you’re home!

85. Leave a note inside their underwear drawer stating “These are very lucky to have the job they have. I’m kinda jealous...”

86. During the hotter weather seasons, check everyday to make sure there’s a big mug in the freezer or a tall glass in the fridge so when they want a cold drink, they always have a chilled cup to use. That way even if there’s no ice they’re covered.