71. Leave them a note that says, “If you get eaten by a T-Rex today, I want you to know, I’ll really miss you.” --- It’s goofy, but that’s the point. Make them smile.

72. A 10 to 30 second hug + you can say: I love you, or you matter so much to me.

73. Ask them to let you rub some hand lotion on their hands or shoulders/neck. A brief touch contact moment even if it’s just a few seconds is still meaningful.

74. Offer a short stroll through the house or around the yard if you have one, where you’re willing to link arms or hold hands, or maybe have your arm around their shoulder and walk side by side.

75. Give him a shave when he’s running low on energy. Help her brush her hair when she’s in a hurry.

76. Treat them to a slow hand massage. It rarely occurs to guys to relax here, so a rub on this ignored body part will always catch them off guard. Women will also react warmly to an offer to put hand cream on FOR THEM, rather than them having to put it on themselves.

77. Take a "selfie" photo with your partner and put a cute message attached, such as, "Doesn’t get much better than this!" or "Have you ever seen such a cute couple?" Then upload it to your favorite social media site i.e. Instagram or Facebook.

78. If you leave for work (as long as no one’s running behind schedule) circle around the block, and step back in to take a moment to kiss them goodbye AGAIN. Just make sure you did that before you parted company the first time.

79. Take your partner over to a mirror and say “Look, it’s us! We make a great US.”

80. Whether you text it, or hand write it and leave it on their pillow, this is always a nice note to be handed: I am living proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are loved.