41. Set up the coffee pot the night before so it’s ready to go first thing in the morning if they wake up first. Or if they’re tea drinkers, leave a mug out with a tea bag/spoon all ready and waiting for them. Don’t forget a quick note with it saying: Good morning, just thought it was fair for you to start your day with something hot since I got to, too. You have this, I have YOU.

42. Make their sack lunch for them and draw a several smiley faces on the sandwich baggy for them to find at lunchtime. Put some on the napkin too and add a note that says: Thinking of you makes me smile. Thinking of certain parts of you makes me GRIN...

43. Are you able to burn a CD with one song that you’ve noticed matters to them? Maybe it’s one that matters to you because it brings them to mind.

45. Take a picture of your pet and text it to your special someone with the caption, Guess who loves ya baby? A short while later, send another picture of YOU AND YOUR PET saying, WE BOTH DO!

46. Make a point to use the cologne/perfume they bought you as a present even if you’re not too crazy about the scent. Not ready to wear it? Spritz it LIGHTLY on their pillow one time. Leave the bottle out and put a note by it that says I smell spectacular thanks to you! Do this once a week, and put it away during the other days.

47. Find an empty box, you can even use a bowl --- dub it the REMEMBER WHEN CONTAINER. Use it to put notes for each other mentioning a memory you’ve made together, or something nice they did for you or someone else. You don’t have to go into detail, just mention what you remember. THEN, add a note at the end of each memory that says, “This is also a coupon for one hug as a GOOD JOB award.”

48. As long as allergies or strong scents aren’t an issue or trigger, spritz some of their favorite perfume or cologne on a sock that no longer has a match and leave it in their underwear drawer to make it smell fresh. Scented dryer sheets for the laundry also work really well for this.

49. Ask them for their hand, on the back side of it, with just a regular ink pen, draw a small simple fish symbol. Once you have, say to them, You are oFISHally the love of my life! Then whenever you think about it, just leave that fish symbol on other papers where they’ll see it as a reminder of your first note. You can put it on napkins, the toilet paper roll, lunch bags, To Do lists, shopping lists, etc.

50. If you’re having pancakes, right before they start to put on the syrup, stop them and ask if you can do it, then pour their syrup in the shape of a heart. Feel daring? Dab a little syrup on their cheek to playfully kiss or suck off...