31. Write: Thank you for working so hard for us. This is a coupon good for a hug as a show of my appreciation. Feel free to retain the coupon and turn it in daily for additional hugs and assorted “other perks...” on a piece a paper and tape it to the top or inside lid of the clothes washer or dishwasher.

32. Take a picture of yourself using their phone and make it their new wallpaper for the day. Then, take a picture of them with your phone and make it your new wallpaper for the day.

33. Put in their favorite movie for them when they have had a bad day. Let them know You’re out of popcorn, but you do have Advil or Excedrin which comes with a complimentary short foot massage if they’d like that instead.

34. Scatter 4 or 5 short stacks of 10 pennies around a room your partner frequents often, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, make it impossible for them to miss seeing them. Then leave them a note that says, Find a penny, pick it up and all day long, you’ll have good luck! If you want to GET LUCKY, just hand me back a penny and I’ll make sure it happens in the next 24/48 hours...

35. Fold the end of the toilet paper roll like they do in hotels. Place a clean folded hand towel with the soap laying on it on the counter, then leave a clean drinking glass on the counter faced down on a cloth or paper napkin. It’s just nice to find.

36. Say “Good Morning, beautiful.” or “Good Morning, Handsome.” Wait a few seconds, then look them in a eye and say, “I don’t know why your parents bothered to give you a name, beautiful/handsome fits you perfectly.” Then give them a quick hug and a wink.

37. Next time you find yourself able to share some french fries with your special someone, draw a heart and XOXO on a plate with the Ketchup for your partner to dip their fries in to.

38. Write HI SEXY, on the kitchen counter or kitchen table, out of beans, pasta, cold cereal or whatever you have handy.

39. On his birthday, if he has kids remind them to call their father at some point that day. Even if they live at home with him and are barely able to talk, HELP them call him. No matter how old they are, ask them to do it. It’ll brighten his day, even if it’s just from the next room.

40. Go to the bedroom and turn down the bed for them like they do in fancy hotels. You know, straighten the sheets & covers, and then pull them back a little so climbing in is easier. Fluff the pillows. Then leave a note that says I plan on showing up in your dreams tonight so you FOR SURE have sweet dreams...