21. Heading to bed? Just say this: Before you fall asleep tonight, know that you are my favorite person ever AND, the reason I want to wake up tomorrow. Then take the time to share a goodnight hug (try to a count to 5 before you let go) or a kiss.

22. Are you an early riser and they’re not? Set out Whatever you need the night before or open the closet/ drawers you’ll need so it doesn’t make any noise.

23. Take a paper sack and draw a heart on it and below that put (((hug))) & Love ya! --- label it with their name then put some sort of snack for them inside.

24. Leave them a note that says: Knocking on wood is supposed to bring you good luck. I already feel pretty lucky having you in my world, so listen for my knockin on things. Then you get in the habit of knocking on hard surfaces when they’re around, and send an occasional follow up text with the words KNOCK ON WOOD, or leave voicemails for them with only the sound of you knocking.

25. Set the table, and put a note on their plate that says: “An incredibly charming & irresistible guy is about to sit here. Dinner will NOT be the hottest thing at this table, HE will be...” OR, “An incredibly beautiful & irresistible lady is about to sit here. Dinner will NOT be the hottest thing at this table, SHE will be...” Then put a hot plate or oven mitt on their chair with a sign that says: So you don’t scorch the chair.

26. Pull out their chair when sitting down together at the kitchen table.

27. Put a note in their shoes that says: I was head over heels in love with you when I went to bed last night. I was head over heels in love with you when I woke up this morning. And here I am writing a note to remind you that I am STILL head over heels in love with you right now, this very second.

28. Mail a picture of your special someone to them (Yep, you’re mailing them a picture of themself!) with a note that says, This person matters and makes a huge difference in my world. They’re a KEEPER! Then draw a small heart and Love, your name. Emailing or texting it works just fine, posting it in the mail lets them open something that’s unexpected and fun.

29. Is your partner about to take a shower or bath? If you have kids openly express to them that no one is allowed to knock on the bathroom door for any reason for the next 15 minutes so they can get freshened up uninterrupted.

30. Put a note in their day planner, whether that’s a paper calendar or a desktop one that says, I’m thinking about you today. No specific reason. Unless you count your eyes, and your lips, and several of your other HOT places I think about a lot.... Pick any random day you want, maybe a couple, it’s not meant to be done on a birthday or anniversary, that’s what makes it special.