11. Hand them a glass of water & say Doctors say people who drink more water live longer. Besides, you make drinking water look sexy! Another reason I need you to live longer! Then offer to bring them a glass every day.

12. Take a permanent marker to the eggs in the fridge and draw happy faces on them, silly faces, something to make them smile when they find them.

13. Take a picture of you smiling, come on, make it a good one! Then attach it to this note: This smile belongs to you, after all, you created it. My heart belongs to you too. I’m good with that.

14. Tape a paper on the wall above their pillow saying: I LOVE THIS PERSON A LOT! Like forever A LOT! with an arrow pointed down.

15. Leave a note on a couch or chair that says, I sat here for a minute today and thought about how much I love you. How lucky I am to have you. What a babe/stud you are. Then I had to go take a cold shower...

16. Match their socks into pairs for them. Not all of them, but even three or four saves them time. If you want to do more of them, maybe do 60 seconds of sock matching a couple more times in a day. Even if they see you doing it, they’ll love you for it.

17. Everybody has to use the bathroom at some point, so taking a bar of soap, a crayon, lipstick or the edge of a candle to write a note on the bathroom mirror is a great way to leave a message. You can write something like: Here’s my proof that I know beautiful/handsome/sexy when I see it!

18. Send them this note: Hey babe, please text me before you walk in the door, I’d like to hold it open for you. I’ll even have a hot bath ready for you and keep you company as you soak if you want.

19. Place the toothpaste on their toothbrush for them every night before bed with a fresh glass of water.

20. Here’s another really great message to write on the bathroom mirror: You look AWESOME! The backside of you is awesome too! (I know, I’ve looked....)